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Birthdate:Apr 7
Location:LAS VEGAS, Nevada, United States of America
Hey, I go by Feliciano, or Bunny, or that short sarcastic girl. Call me what you want, I guess. I live in Vegas and well it sucks. I used to live in Queens, NY. But we moved to Vegas because my parents thought it was such a "good idea". I like cleaning a lot, well when I get angry I clean. Well now that I think about it, that's a lot. Oh well. I am obsessed with anime and other shit like that. I buy merch a lot. Which is probably most of my room, and half of my mum's credit card. Some of my favorite fandoms are SnK, Hetalia, Transformers, Free!, Naruto, Spideypool, Marvel, Superhusbands, and a lot more I can't think of at 3 in the morning. Send me prompts for my OTPS!
-Irvin x Rivaille(Erwin x Levi; Eruri)
-Jean x Marco
-Megatron x Starscream
-Germany x Italy
-Finland x Sweden
-Spamano( Spain x Romano)
-Reigisa (Rei x Nagisa)
-Kevedd (Kevin x Edd; Edd Ed and Eddy)

and a lot more I cant think of. But Please send me prompts for any of those! Or anything! Thanks! Cuz I have nothing to do ^-^''
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